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Mutiny from stern to bow

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This is a fic only journal. Friends only- request to be added!

Disclaimer- everything posted here is fiction. I don't know these people, and I'm not making any money out of this.

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always being right, anti-genre, apple, bats, being a bitter elitist, being a pretentious tosser, belle & sebastian, belle and sebastian, bisexual, bisexuality, bitter yet arrogant, black and white photography, black books, black widow movie, blackadder, blaming pete for everything, bloke party, boy least likely to, boycotting nestle, british comedy, bucky, caffeine, captain america, cats, chanel, chewbacca x mulder, chocolate, cider, cocorosie, coffee, comedy, corsets, crushing hopes and dreams, dancing (badly), dancing in my chair, depression, discworld, dr who, duvets and pillows, equality, eyeliner, father ted, feathers, films, final fantasy (owen pallett), fittie wilson, flailure, fleet foxes, fluffy socks, fluffy wee kittens, gay rights, getting red on me, glitter, glögg, gollum, good omens, gram parsons, granny weatherwax, green and blacks chocolate, harry potter, hating oranges, hating the nme, hating things for fun, hating tories, hating your favourite band, hiding behind my hair, hinduism, hornblower, indie, jens lekman, joni mitchell, jrr tolkien, kinky bastardism, kittens, leftyism, leopards, lord of the rings, made from girders!, making sucky icons, mcu, monty python, morrissey, muji in general, muji pens, music, musical addiction, nail polish, neil gaiman, northern soul, not being bisexual enough, obscure injokes, one footed transvestite pigeons, oscar wilde, paganism, pastede on yay, patrick wolf, photography, pictures, piercings, pixar films, politics, pseudoartistic photography, pterry, pubs, purple, rabbits, rampaging procrastination, randomness, reading, red dwarf, red riding, red wine, sci-fi, scotland, sesame snaps, shiny things, slash, sleep, sleeping, soft wooly scarves, sparkles, steve/bucky, stripy socks, submission, sufjan stevens, switch, switching, tattoos, terry pratchett, the falcon, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the open university, the smiths, tunnocks caramel wafers, twee, twee as fuck, twee folkiness, twin peaks, university of st andrews, unusual instruments, van morrison, vashti bunyan, vinyl, walks in the park, winning at life, women's rights, writing, x files
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